The RSE “Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems” of the SC MES RK (RIBSP), as the main institute for virological and microbiological research, still uses the “gold standard” methods, using which a large number of significant results have been obtained. However, the development of new technologies and methods requires the discovery of a new direction. To solve this problem, the management of RIBSP decided to establish a new laboratory for collective use. 

The Collective Use Laboratory (CUL) has been created on the basis of the Laboratory for Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering since July 01, 2020. The CUL will function in order to achieve an advanced level of research and development work, as well as to effectively use the material, technical and personnel potential of the Laboratory. The head of the laboratory was appointed Erbol Dosanovich Burashev, Ph.D. 

The main goal of the CUis to provide access for scientific research by RIBSP employees and domestic scientists, regardless of the departmental affiliation and form of ownership of the scientific organization or higher educational institution in which they work, as well as to ensure the conduct of research and development work by subjects of scientific and scientific and technical activities.  

The main areas of CUL work: 

  • electronmicroscopic examination of preparations of viruses and other microorganisms in biomaterials, identification of microorganisms; 
  • isolationof DNA, RNA; 
  • PCR (standard and Real-time);
  • determinationof DNA sequences (full genome sequencing); 
  • creationof genetic passports; 
  • synthesisof specific probes and primers; 
  • genotypingof microorganisms, plants, animals; 
  • conducting seminars, trainings at the workplace.

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