On October 16, 2020, the Vice Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Daulenov Miras Mukhtarovich paid a working visit to RIBSP.

According to the Program of the working visit, a meeting was held with RIBSP employees.

In his speech, the Vice Minister noted that he was aware of the fact that scientists and employees of RIBSP work on “enthusiasm”, difficult working conditions for workers in the “red zone”, problems related to service housing, insufficient basic funding, salaries of scientists and etc.

Vice-minister Daulenov M.M. separately noted that, according to the results of the assessment, the activities of the team and the leader Zakarya K.D., RIBSP was recognized as one of the most effective among research institutes and centers, where an integral system: science – implementation – production is fully built.

At the end of the meeting, Vice-Minister Daulenov M.M. presented the state medals “Халық алғысы (Halyk algysy)” to the scientists of RIBSP Orynbaev M., Zhugunissov R., Kerimbayev A., Kopeyev S.

After the end of the meeting, Vice-Minister Daulenov M.M. got acquainted with the infrastructure of RIBSP, which includes 47 buildings and premises, among them special attention was paid to the progress of the scientific and technical program “Development of COVID-19 coronavirus infection vaccine”: the process of working with experimental animals in the Bioclinic; the process of keeping animals in isolation wards; the process of preparing laboratory glassware; the production process of biological products in the laboratory of technology of finished forms of biological products; the process of building a biopharmaceutical plant.

During a visit to these units, Director General of RIBSP Zakarya K.D. and the heads of the visited units brought to the attention of the Vice-Minister their functions, achievements and existing problems.

At the end of the meeting with employees and familiarization with the activities of RIBSP, Vice-Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan M.M.Daulenov left for Almaty to get acquainted with the process of conducting clinical trials at the Republican State Enterprise “National Scientific Center for Phthisiopulmonology” of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan – a clinical base for conducting phase I/II clinical trials of QazCovid-in® – COVID-19 inactivated vaccine.

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