Laboratory for Phytosanitary Safety

Head of the laboratory RSALIYEV ARALBEK SYRASHOVICH is a candidate of agricultural sciences, professor. Specialist in phytopathology, plant protection and mycology. Scientific interests are related to determining the composition of the population of biotrophic and hemibiotrophic plant diseases in Kazakhstan, studying the resistance of crops to fungal diseases, forming a collection of pathogens of phytopathogens and gene pool of seeds of grain crops. For professional development Rsaliyev A.S. passed foreign internships in China (Beijing, 2006), Turkey (CIMMYT, Izmir, 2014), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, 2006-2017).

He is the author of more than 150 scientific papers, including 8 articles in foreign journals with impact factor, included in the international databases and citation systems Webofscience and Scopus, 6 copyright certificates for innovative patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 6 methodological recommendations and 1 monograph. He has trained two Masters and is the supervisor of 1 PhD doctoral student. Member of the Council of Young Scientists at the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Main tasks:

– Determination of the resistance of crop varieties to common and harmful fungal diseases in Kazakhstan.

– The study of the racial composition of the population of biotrophic and hemibiotrophic plant diseases.

– Creation, preservation and replenishment of the gene pool of grain crops in the RSE RIBSP SC MES RK.

– Maintaining a viable collection of pathogens of fungal pathogens of crops.

– Conducting registration tests of pesticides (toxic chemicals).

Main achievements:

– Development of new methods to differentiate races (pathotypes) of stem, leaf and yellow rust of crops;

– Study of the composition of the population of rust pathogens of grain crops in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries;

– Identification of resistant varieties of crops to types of rust, Septoria, dark brown spotting and powdery mildew;

– Creation, preservation and replenishment of a collection of seeds of wheat, barley, triticale and rice;

– Creating a collection of stem rust pathogens – Puccinia graminis, yellow rust – P.striiformis, leaf rust – P.triticiana, and spike septoria – Septoria nodorum Berk, leaf septoria – S.tritici Desm .;

– Selection of DNA markers closely linked to effective genes for resistance to wheat rust and rice pyriculariosis;

– Identification of wheat carriers of effective resistance genes for leaf, stem and yellow rust based on molecular genetic and phytopathological methods;

– Provision of breeding institutions of the republic with seeds of resistant varieties of grain crops and infectious material of rust and septoria pathogens.


Main publications:

– Rsaliyev A.S., Amirkhanova N.T., Rametov N.M., Pahratdinova Zh.U., Ojiambo P.S., Lebeda A. Pseudop eronospora cubensis virulence and pathotype structure in Kazakhstan // Plant Pathology. – 2018. – Vol.67. – P.1924-1935.(Impact factor 2.303).

– Rsaliyev A.S., Amirkhanova N.T., PakhratdinovaZh.U. Intraspecies differentiation of Pyrenophorateresin Kazakhstan and Omsk region of Russia // Mycology and Phytopathology. – 2018. – Vol.1(52). – P.55-65. (Impact factor 0.238).

– Rsaliyev A.S., RsaliyevSh.S. Principal approaches and achievements in studying race composition of wheat stem rust // Vavilov Journal of Genetics and Breeding. – 2018. – Vol.22(8). – P.967-977. (ИмпактфакторРИНЦ 0.472).

– Maltseva E.R., Iskakova G.A., Rsaliyev A.S., Skiba Y.A., Naizabaeva D.A., Ismagulova G.A., Ismagul A., Eliby S. Assessment of cisgenic bread wheat lines carrying class I chitinase gene to leaf rust // Journal of Biotechnology. – 2018. – Vol. 280. – S.80-S81. (Impact factor 2.533).

– Zatybekov A., Abugalieva S., Didorenko S., Rsaliyev A., Turuspekov Y. GWAS of a soybean breeding collection from South East and South Kazakhstan for resistance to fungal diseases // Vavilov Journal of Genetics and Breeding. – 2018. – Vol. 22(5). – P.536-543. (ИмпактфакторРИНЦ 0.472).

– Rsaliyev A., Pahratdinova Zh., Rsaliyev Sh. Characterizing the pathotype structure of barley powdery mildew and effectiveness of resistance genes to this pathogen in Kazakhstan // BMC Plant biology. – 2017. – Vol.17.(178) – Р. 39-49.(Impact factor 3.813).

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– Pakhratdinova J.U., Amirkhanova N.T., Rsaliev A.S. Morphological and cultural characters of Pyrenophorateres isolates isolated from the Kazakhstan and Omsk populations of the fungus // Bulletin of KrasSAU. – 2017. – No. 12. – S.150-158. (Impact factor RSCI 0.354). (in Russian)

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Provision of services:

– Determination of disease resistance of varieties of crops on an artificial infectious background of types of rust.

– Representation of the inoculum of stem, leaf and yellow rust of wheat.

– Conducting registration tests of plant protection products.

– Training in basic phytopathological methods, conducting trainings.


Work phone: +7(72636)7-22-28, ext. 135