Young researcher eager to discover mysterious world of science

Working in a labBeing a scientist is often considered to be having an unconventional lifestyle. Constant researching, sleepless nights and chasing the unknown are typically the routine. Is anyone really up to the challenge? Is it a skill or rather a calling? EdgeKz sought answers to those questions in an interview with 30-year-old Yerbol Burashev, a researcher at the Scientific Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems (SRI) in Almaty.

“If I think about whether working at SRI is a calling or a skill, a lot of conflicting thoughts come to mind. From the first days of work at the institute, you realize that all the knowledge acquired at the university is only a beginner’s guide and after that you start passionately reading scientific literature and mastering new methods. A lot of time passes until you become a professional in your area and science becomes your lifestyle,” he said.

Burashev believes the selection of a future profession is a very important question people start thinking about in school. Read more